Script Circle

This development workshop began as an experiment with Franz Rodenkirchen. We hosted the first Script Circle in September 2014. In the first 8 months over 30 participants from 19 countries across the globe have taken part and 20 projects, from films that tentatively skip or boldly stride across the border between art and cinema to classical science fiction and social dramas were presented, discussed and supported in their very diverse stages of development.

Script Circle takes place every two months and is open to writers, filmmakers, producers or anyone involved in development, with or without projects.

6 Days of Practice

This is a story-editing workshop held by Franz Rodenkirchen. It is probably the single most influential experience for my practice of script consulting today. Everything I learnt, with the exception of what I learn on the job… I learnt there. I feel very fortunate to be part of the workshop now myself, as I welcome the opportunity to support other people who do similar work to my own and because it’s just one more place for study and practice.

More information on both Script Circle and 6 Days of Practice can be found here

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